The function computes a distance matrix based on the scoring output tibble (or the output tibble from the expect_resp function).

dist_sc(scores_mat, scores_tbl, method_dist = "euclidean", ...)



A data frame or matrix containing the scores. This could be the $scores_matrix output of the summary_sc function.


Deprecated argument from earlier version (0.1.0); scores_tbl represented the output tibble from the scoring function.


Dissimilarity index used in the vegdist function to calculate the dissimilarity matrix based on the scores. Default is `euclidean`, for alternatives see vegdist.


Further arguments to be passed to the method vegdist.


The function returns a dist object.

See also

vegdist for the computation of the dissimilarity index

Other score-based IND performance functions: clust_sc(), dist_sc_group(), expect_resp(), plot_clust_sc(), plot_spiechart(), scoring(), summary_sc()


# Using the Baltic Sea demo data scores_tbl <- scoring(trend_tbl = model_trend_ex, mod_tbl = all_results_ex, press_type = press_type_ex) scores_mat <- summary_sc(scores_tbl)$scores_matrix dist_matrix <- dist_sc(scores_mat, method_dist = "euclidean")